Providing Professional Lawn Sprinkler Services & Power Washing

Obtaining the lawn of your dreams should not break the bank. Our team at Emerald Lawn Sprinklers is focused on providing high-quality sprinkler installation and maintenance services to residents and businesses. Power Washing and drainage are services we also provide and our quotes for our services are always free!

Our Services

We focus on all areas of irrigation: Installations, Winterization (Blow-Outs), Service/Repairs, and Spring Turn Ons. Power Washing and drainage are also available.

We are a new growing business, this will be our third year in business, with more than 17 years of experience in the irrigation business.


Installing and maintaining a quality sprinkler system requires a keen eye for the geography, soil type, and intended plant life on your grounds. If even a single variable is off, excess water can create unsightly mud puddles throughout the property, and eventually causing potential property damage.

We take great care to guarantee that there is ample drainage, in addition to placing the lines in such a way that deters root growth throughout your system.


When water freezes, pipes can burst. Unlike traditional buried piping, irrigation piping is too close to the surface to be protected against the seasonal shifts. For this reason, it is vital to completely drain the system and check for broken components at the end of every summer.

During the spring, a member of our team will turn on the system to ensure every component made it through the season in working order. The last thing you need is to wake up to a pond in the middle of your front yard!

About Us

We have provided quality sprinkler system installations, maintenance, and upgrade services for more than 7 years in the area. During this time, we have helped countless homes and businesses obtain the infrastructure needed to guarantee a lush, green lawn that will be a joy to look and walk through any time of the year. We have also provided power washing to our customers to make their house looking as good as their lawn!

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