Check out our newest addition! A pump system that distributes fertilizer and insecticide through your sprinkler system! This system attaches directly to your in-ground sprinkler and/or drip irrigation system. Every time you use your irrigation system, it releases small, precision doses of water soluble or liquid non-hazardous fertilizers into the water stream on a consistent basis. One system will feed through both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones without the need to make any adjustments or nozzle changes to compensate for water flow or water pressure. Call today to find out more information!

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Quality Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Systems

A quality sprinkler system melds seamlessly into the ground, unnoticeable until the moment it springs to life. At Emerald Lawn Sprinklers, we offer professional grade sprinkler system installation and maintenance services in the Capital Region and surrounding areas. We also offer power washing, drainage and our newest addition of a pump system that connects to your sprinkler system to disperse fertilizer and insecticide on a regulated basis!  Our quotes for our services are always free!

Why Choose Us

Properly installing and maintaining an irrigation system requires an extensive understanding of water and soil mechanics. Not everyone can, or should, undertake an endeavor that requires a careful analysis of the current soil and water flow states, its intended use and other infrastructure.

We are fully licensed and insured professionals with several years of experience. We do this to provide you with the comfort of knowing that you are working with someone that cares as deeply about your grounds as you do.

Our Benefits:

  • 17+ Years of Experience

  • Low-Cost Maintenance Rates

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Focused on Quality

No job is complete until we verify that every component is fully functional. It is our mission to help homes and businesses maintain quality lawns throughout the year, by guaranteeing that the owners have the ability to adequately control water flow regardless of the current weather conditions. We are not happy until you are happy!

Areas We Service

We serve all of the Capital Region and the Adirondacks.

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